About the Successful Aging Expos

The Successful Aging Expos started almost a decade ago with our first expo in Scarborough, Maine. Since then, Maine Senior Guide has hosted expos all over the state. Our plans for 2021 included spring expos in Scarborough, Lewiston and Rockland, and fall expos in Freeport, Augusta and Kittery.

Enter Covid-19.

We’ve developed this event platform to host the Successful Aging Expos and events like the Cabin Fever Reliever on-line. Each expo is up for a week, around the clock, giving people plenty of time to review and share information.

We hope by the Fall 2021 season to be back with live expos, and then we’ll use this new platform to send our exhibitor information out further in to the world.

Meanwhile, thanks for checking out the virtual Successful Aging Expos, and please come back often. And don’t forget, you can find even more information on Maine Senior Guide!