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Here are just a few of the classes you can take with BoomerTech Adventures:

Taking Awesome Pictures With Your iPhone/iPad Camera — This is a step-by-step guide to taking beautiful photos, appropriate for novice photographers and anyone who wants to significantly upgrade their photography skills. Students will learn to take photos, portraits, slo-motion, panos, and more. Also students will learn about camera settings for proper focus and exposure, High Dynamic Range, and picture composition.

Fantastic Photo Finishes—Organize & Edit Images with Your iPhone/iPad Photos App —  This is a natural follow-up to the first course, but is a stand-alone course as well. The focus here is on editing images as well as knowing how to organize images and video on iPhones or iPads. Other areas of focus include using the “For You” section (ready-made slide shows), creating, using, and sharing albums, and search.

Introduction to Mac Basics — In this course, students will learn everything they need to know to make their Mac computer (laptop or desktop) hum! Areas of focus include: Mac Operating System, features of the Mac, choosing the best browser, using Spotlight Search, learning how to use the Finder and App Store, understanding the keyboard, and learning the icons that define a Mac computer.

Introduction to iPhone Basics — It is safe to say that the vast majority of iPhone users rarely use more than a fraction of the features available to them. In this course, students will learn to use their iPhones to the best possible advantage. Here are some of the critical features we’ll cover: Apple ID and password; structure of the iPhone (buttons and how they work); best apps to have and how to get them; how to text, phone, Facetime, and email; using the Control Center; mastering Settings; updating operating systems; using key apps; understanding the apps that come with your iPhone and more.

Take Fabulous Photos of the Flora & Fauna in Your World — This course shows you how to take beautiful photos of flowers, plants, and wildlife. Four easy-to-follow videos demonstrate and give examples of each of the topics which include: Using focus, exposure and HDR features to capture the beauty of your surroundings; ways to avoid blurry images; tips for composing your images; and editing options that turn so-so images into stunning ones. In addition to the videos, we have several articles with useful information to build your repertoire of photographic strategies.

 Introduction to Zoom Basics — Using Zoom more than ever? Here is a great way to learn everything you need to know about the Zoom Video Conferencing platform. The course videos demonstrate examples of using Zoom on different devices—smartphones, tablets, and computers. Course content includes: Muting audio and video; using chat; screen sharing; recording; trouble-shooting; scheduling meetings; break-out rooms; and more. This course is appropriate for Zoom beginners as well as those who have used Zoom and want to learn more.

Hidden Gems Lurking on Your iPhone & iPad — Did you know…your iPhone tracks your movements? The keyboard has hidden keys? You can write and draw on your photographs? You can calculate in your search window? Our iPhones/iPads have many time-saving features that allow you to be creative, efficient, and have fun. These “hidden gems” will show you how to learn advanced features of your iPhone and iPad.

Create & Deliver Online Zoom Courses — This course is designed for those who want to develop an online course using Zoom, a video conferencing platform. This guide consists of step-by-step videos that explain and demonstrate how to use Zoom as well as appropriate instructional tips to build an engaging online course in any subject. You will learn everything you need to know about Zoom—tools, settings, security, instructional strategies, building community, Zoom tips for instructors and students, and much more.

Cooking With BoomerTECH Adventures — In this course, BoomerTECH Adventures guides Chris, Jill, and Ed share their love of cooking and enjoyment for lots of different types of foods. You will learn how to prepare several tasty stir fries using traditional Chinese flavorings, make fresh pasta, turn leftover sweet potato into gnocchi, stir up a great fried rice, and give ramen soup a delicious upgrade. In addition, discover an easy way to make your own pita pockets, flat breads, and tortillas. Plus, you will see a way to combine the benefits of cooking on cast iron with your love of grilling. We haven’t forgotten dessert! Who can resist a delectable chocolate brownie torte or apple pie?

BoomerTech Adventures!
BoomerTech Adventures Classes and Programs for Spring Fling!

May 3rd Intro to iPhone Camera Basics (10 AM)

May 4th Advanced iPhone Camera Topics (10 AM)

May 4th Chocolate Torte Cooking Class (4 PM)

May 5th More Hidden iPhone Gems (10 a.m.)

May 6th Apple Photo 1 - Organizing Photos (10 AM)

May 7th Apple Photo 2 - Editing Images (10 AM)

May 7th Making Fresh Ramen Noodles Cooking Class (4 PM)

May 8th Apple Photo 3 - Creating Slideshows With Photos (10 AM)

May 9th Digital Tools For Beginning Memoir Writers (10 AM)

May 10th Online Dating Safely (10 AM)

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