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OEI for CapTel Captioned Telephones


About OEI and CapTel Outreach

OEI, working on behalf of CapTel Outreach, gets the word out that if you or someone you know has difficulty hearing over the phone, there is a solution. Along with presenting other hearing health-related resources, we can help provide a CapTel Captioned Telephone at no cost to the user. The CapTel®Captioned Telephone works like any other phone with one important addition: It shows captions of everything the caller says. You can listen to the caller and also read captions of what they say in the CapTel display screen. The phone is available at no cost with a signed certification from a professional qualified to evaluate hearing loss, such as your audiologist or doctor. No in-person visit required. CapTel service is provided at no cost to the user through a fund set up by the FCC exclusively for people with hearing loss. Your local Outreach Educator, Kim Schmidt, offers free in-home (when safe) or over-the-phone installation and makes sure you are comfortable using your new CapTel.  


Now, more than ever, it’s important for people to stay connected with their loved ones and their communities.  With travel restrictions, potential lockdowns, and social distancing, there’s a good chance that many of us will be unable to see our friends or families in person for a while. Even doctor visits are going virtual. That’s why OEI makes it our mission to make sure every person with hearing loss has an effective way to communicate over the telephone.  There’s even a way to use the CapTel get captions while on video conferences, such as Zoom.  In addition to providing the no-cost CapTel, OEI also provides tips and resources, such as podcasts, newspapers and short videos to help you navigate successfully through the world with hearing loss. Go to for more information or contact Kim directly at


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