Live February 20-28, 2021

WellCare Neighborhood Medicare Meeting
About WellCare

WellCare coordinates health care services for people eligible for government-sponsored coverage, such as Medicaid and Medicare. We focus on people who really need help… low-income, elderly, disabled, and people with complex medical issues. Our goal is to help them lead better, healthier lives.

Because we know these people often have challenges in life beyond their health, we work hard to be part of the communities where they live. We employ compassionate care managers who personally engage our members and physicians. We also work with non-profit organizations in the community to meet other needs they may have, such as food, shelter, etc.

We seek to understand all of our members’ needs and try to get them the right care at the right time at the right place. We partner with high-performing physicians and hospitals to accomplish this, and in the end, by managing care this way, we achieve better health outcomes and lower costs.

Our government customers appreciate the value in this approach because we’re taking on the challenges inherent with people who have complex needs, and we’re providing effective, quality health care programs that offer predictable costs to taxpayers.

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