Live February 6-13, 2022


Welcome to the

Cabin Fever Reliever!

 hosted by 

Maine Senior Guide

New for 2022

An online event for older Mainers – from the comfort of your home.  Thanks for attending!

We’re bringing you information from senior resources without the hassles of weather, parking or crowds! Join us any time during the week that the Cabin Fever Reliever is up on to review the businesses focused on older Mainers. Visit the Speaker’s Gallery to see lots of interesting classes and demos. You’ll be able to reach out to exhibitors for more information, too. Thank you for looking, please share with a friend, and come back often.

Upcoming Expo Dates

Maine Senior Guide is hosting three live Successful Aging Expos this spring, in Portland, Lewiston and Rockland. Sign up for our newsletter at Maine Senior Guide and stay tuned for more info!